Dissolving Boundaries represents a new genre of artistic production that blends virtual and physical elements and is meant to be experienced from home.

Join real people from Jerusalem on an adventure across perspectives, passions, and divides.

This groundbreaking format combines the deep listening of a podcast, the sensory delights of a care package delivered to your door, and the interactive quality of participatory theater. You are the protagonist on the journey, which begins in your home, travels through inspiring voices and places in Jerusalem, and constantly finds its way back into your reality. 

Bypassing the city’s iconic sites and symbols, Dissolving Boundaries celebrates the courage, ingenuity and stirring humanity of regular people in an extraordinary place, and asks you to discover the boundary dissolver within yourself. 

Ready to set out?

A few things to keep in mind:

A package from Jerusalem will arrive in the mail with accoutrements to help you along the journey.

The journey is two-hours long. For an optimal experience, block off two hours when you can be home alone without interruptions or distractions. Treat this time as if you were going to a concert or a movie!


The journey unfolds in three audio tracks, so get your headphones ready and make sure your phone is fully charged before you start.

During the journey, you will move around in your house and even venture outdoors. You can take the journey any time of day but keep weather conditions in mind.

What you will see is your own home and surroundings, what you will hear are voices from Jerusalem.

While each journey is meant for a single participant, we offer special packages and experiences for groups.

From the beating heart of Jerusalem to the world.

Journey Map

Fellow travelers share a moment from their journey

Mekudeshet is an award-winning, cultural organization that creates original art and music to reimagine Jerusalem from a center of conflict into a laboratory for connection between people of all kinds. 

Our signature project is an annual, city-specific culture festival that commissions artists of diverse disciplines and backgrounds to grapple with the world’s most sensitive city, producing new work from deep within Jerusalem’s complex reality. 

Our creative team reflects the range of Jerusalem’s communities, giving us deep and organic connections to the ground. Ultimately, Mekudeshet creations encourage participants to engage with one another, confront their own blind spots, and appreciate the humanity of those who are different.

The people behind the journey

Moran Aviv Dvir
Artistic Director, Creator and Format Developer

Doron Gallia-Kind
Content Producer and Format Development Team

Noam Thomas
Format Development Team, Research, Dramaturgy, Manager of Studio Recordings

Itamar Shlomo Cohen
Musical Editor, Soundtrack Designer, Recording and Editing Technician, Mixing, Mastering

Karen Brunwasser
Writer and Narrator

Avigail Roubini
Graphic Design and Package Design

Gili Dror Amit

Project Manager

Ready to set out?


The journey is best as an uninterrupted experience. Set aside two full hours when you can be at home alone and without interruptions or distractions from childcare, delivery services, home repair, etc. Put your phone on airplane mode and treat this time as if you were going to a concert or a movie!

If you need to take a short break, we suggest waiting till the end of your current track and beginning the next track when you’re ready to continue.  

Of course! The journey is a perfect gift. Enter the gift recipient’s name and address during the purchasing process and you will get an email confirmation when it has been sent.  

No. The journey is designed for a smart phone and head phones as it requires you to walk around your home and outside.

The journey and its sounds were created to be experienced through headphones. Make sure you have a set of good quality headphones that are easy to walk around with indoors and outdoors.

You can take the journey any time day or night. Just keep weather conditions and personal security in mind as you will be outdoors for approximately 50 minutes. 

Almost. The journey is best suited for weather that allows you to spend 50 minutes outside comfortably. If you’re in a cold climate, bundle up properly. If you’re in the midst of a heat wave, set out in the evening when temperatures ease up.

Check for a registered mail notification from the postal service. If you haven’t received one or the package within 21 days from the time of purchase, contact us and we’ll track down the problem.

No, open it only when you are instructed to do so on the journey.  

Yes! While the journey itself in taken individually, a group of people can take it in parallel and then meet virtually or in person afterward to process the experience. Our production team is happy to help with group processing ideas and formats!

Eager to set off, but still have a few more questions? Contact us.